Can Your Church Share Its Kingdom Resources?

[fa icon="calendar"] August 19, 2016 / by Dan Russell

sharing_conceptOne would think a large church with multiple Staff Pastors would be a great place to find Pastors who are willing to lead in another church. Last year I read an article that proved this statement to be incorrect.

Sr. Pastors, you have the ability to raise up Pastors and to form great Pastoral Teams. This is evident in the success of your programs -- from the comments of your congregation and the sense of accomplishment you must feel when everything is going well.

God has equipped you to speak into the lives of your staff. Staff longevity is a desired goal for your church and your team. No one wants to see a pastor or ministry leader leave, especially when you think about the time and energy it will take to replace and train a new person.

Pastors and church leadership do an excellent job in training, equipping, and grooming your staff. Now you can have the opportunity to do it again with another individual who wants to serve on a church staff.

Contemplate the results. Pastors who are on your staff can take what they have learned and experienced and apply that at another church. Your healthy church would be duplicated with this process. By sending out Pastors, your church has the opportunity to raise up new pastors, again duplicating healthy leadership.

We have churches in our District that are in need of Sr. Pastors as well as Associate Pastors. Do you realize by providing individuals to fill those positions you and your church would be providing healthy known leadership to a congregation in search of leaders?

Sr. Pastors, are you holding on to your staff when they should use their gifts and talents to serve the Kingdom at another church where they could make a world of difference?

Pastors, have you become too comfortable in your current situation? You do your ministry and you are not looking for more responsibilities or challenges. The thought of leaving has never entered your mind or your prayer life.

The need for qualified Pastors to step up and lead a church is huge. Sr. Pastors, are you willing to encourage your Staff Pastor to take that next step?

Are you willing to share your Kingdom Resources?

Topics: Equipping, Leadership