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She has been there...

[fa icon="calendar'] January 22, 2018 / by Mike Mitchum posted in Devotional

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I got into my car, looked out the windshield and I see she has been there.  I sit down in front of my television to turn it on, and I see she has been there.  I sit down in my dining room and look into the back yard.  She has been there too.

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When Life’s Weather Changes Grab an Umbrella

[fa icon="calendar'] November 30, 2015 / by Mike Mitchum posted in Better Together

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It set out to be a normal shopping trip. It was cloudy when I left the house. Just as I arrived at my destination the clouds burst open and a drenching rain poured down. As I parked the car, I watched as people scurried to avoid getting soaked. Most were dressed (as I was) in summer clothes not expecting such a drastic change in the weather.

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The Worshipper’s Simple Job Description: What it Means to Be Obedient

[fa icon="calendar'] November 23, 2015 / by Mike Mitchum posted in Equipping

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Do you want to hear a true confession? Sometimes over the course of the last twenty-four years I have not always liked being in the ministry. The professional ministry I mean. I love it now (honestly!) but there have been times in the past where I have said in frustration, “I would rather be pumping gas!”

Other pastors I know have expressed a similar sentiment from time to time. It seems that the long hours and the conflicts in the congregation take an emotional toll. One gets tired and asks, “Why am I doing this?” In the weariest moments the answer may not be apparent.

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