Jim Bailey

Jim Bailey is the Community Life Pastor at the Stirring church in Redding. He carries a passion for mentoring and investing in the next generation of leaders and influencers who live whole-hearted and are led by the Spirit. Through creative discipleship initiatives, Jim intends to influence those around him to see generations and nations transformed by God’s amazing grace. Jim deeply appreciates the beauty of creation, loves to pray and play in the mountains surrounding Redding, and enjoys life with Amy, his wife, and their three kids.

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Two Words You May Need to Hear Today

[fa icon="calendar'] June 26, 2019 / by Jim Bailey posted in Guest Post

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Something so profound happened at church that I have to tell you about it!

I was praying for a man at the altar. Two smaller children were with him, politely staying occupied at his feet. The prayer time was emotional, and I could sense the Spirit moving in this man’s life, comforting him and encouraging him. When we were finished, the little girl who was with him looked up at me. She had a trail of tears running down her face. I was shocked! I didn’t realize she was even paying attention.

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“Come and See…”

[fa icon="calendar'] March 27, 2019 / by Jim Bailey posted in Guest Post

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At the beginning of the year, I was blessed with the gift of several days to retreat and spend time with God.  During these days I felt the compelling invitation to jump back into the Gospel of John, to read again the great story of Jesus. I must confess that after only a few verses, I got stuck.

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Keep Your Heart Current

[fa icon="calendar'] February 6, 2019 / by Jim Bailey posted in Devotional, Guest Post

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I was asked to give a talk recently on forgiveness. There was nothing new or special about it, as I have taught on the spiritual necessity of forgiveness many times!

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I Am With You

[fa icon="calendar'] December 5, 2018 / by Jim Bailey posted in Guest Post

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“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  Matthew 28:20

I read this today and it hit me. The last thing Jesus says in the book of Matthew is one of the most important things we need to recall to thrive in ministry today: “I am with you.”

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Leaving a Discipleship Legacy

[fa icon="calendar'] September 19, 2018 / by Jim Bailey posted in Equipping, Guest Post

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Today I am sitting here at my computer remembering a great man.

“Grandpa Peters” followed Jesus with his whole heart. His love for Jesus worked outward to include a powerful love for the church.

My entire life Pastor Russ or as we loved to call him “Grandpa Peters” was a solid fixture of faith and wisdom. He lived out life with the people in his church, preaching every Sunday, officiating weddings, and providing comfort at funerals. He was truly a “fixture” of the community, a man who lovingly noticed the lowly and invested his love – and more importantly the love of Jesus – into any who crossed his path.

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Be Vigilant Over Your Mind and Heart

[fa icon="calendar'] August 15, 2018 / by Jim Bailey posted in Guest Post

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Just a few weeks ago I had the honor of traveling to Chico with our Stirring team. Nathan led us in a day of reflection and dreaming about life, ministry, and Jesus.

After listening to each other we prayed and spoke words of life and encouragement. When my turn came one of the other staff members said, “Jim, you are not stuck!”

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Tattoos on the Soul

[fa icon="calendar'] July 18, 2018 / by Jim Bailey posted in Guest Post

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I love tattoos. For me, they are symbols of the journey that I am on with God and with family. They mark my life…telling a story of values and encounters.

When you think about it…we are all marked. You may not have tattoos to display your journey, but your heart surely carries the marks of a journey lived and marked by key events that shape your story.

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Why It's Important for Pastors to Look to the Horizon

[fa icon="calendar'] October 18, 2017 / by Jim Bailey posted in Equipping

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Looking out from the top of a mountain in the Shasta-Trinity Wilderness, I am overcome by the amazing horizon. The view from up here is incredible! I keep looking at the map to find the names of valleys, river, hills, and mountains. Is that Castle Crags? I think that is Mt. Burney….am I seeing all the way into Oregon? My curiosity is fully engaged!

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