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Prepare to Plant: Online Training for Church Planting [Video]

[fa icon="calendar'] October 12, 2020 / by Edgar Castro posted in Church Planting

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You're invited to a free online church planting training on November 7th.

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Join me, Edgar Castro, as my friends Dave Reynolds, Western Church Planting Alliance, and Micah Dodson, Thrive Church Planting, teach us through videos and online training.

Our hope is that through this training you will:

  • Gather information about church planting
  • Get inspired and encouraged
  • Refine your vision, values, and strategies
  • Create a plan for your location
  • Implement the plan into action

This free training is open to anyone interested in church planting, so please share it with your staff and those you know are interested in this important work.

Register for FREE by clicking here

Training Day: November 7th

Time: 10am-Noon PT 

This training is in two parts:

1. Pre-work you do at home at your own pace including videos and questions.
2. 2-hour online training, together on November 7th.

Starting this week, we are also sending out two 15-20 minute videos per week, for the four weeks leading up to the two-hour day training on November 7th. We don't you to miss these, so please click here to register, so we can get you enrolled.

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What's New with Church Planting?

[fa icon="calendar'] July 22, 2020 / by Edgar Castro posted in Church Planting, CPD Member Highlights

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CPD Church Planting Update - Summer 2020

This is my first connection with all of you in my new role as Church Planting Director for the Central Pacific District.

I appreciate your support and prayers. Your prayers and collaboration are needed as I begin this new adventure, as I won’t be able to serve in this role without your help! Each one of you is needed as we need all of the big, medium, and small CPD churches to join me on this journey. I will do my best, and I trust my Lord Christ Jesus to guide me on this new role.

Today, I would like to present officially the most recent churches planted in our District:

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Testimonies from Hispanic Leaders in the Central Pacific District

[fa icon="calendar'] June 25, 2020 / by Edgar Castro posted in CPD Member Highlights, News

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Four Testimonies from Leaders in the CPD

Testimony from Edgar castro

Today, I would like to share my personal experience at the CPD and the experiences of some other brethren.

When they called me to work at the CPD, I personally believed it would be challenging for me, because within me, I knew about my limitations, such as my English accent and being a Hispanic. I knew that the CPD never had a Hispanic person as a part of the staff, which was scary for me.

Every day, I came to work, expecting that one of my Anglo-American colleagues would be telling me something negative about my English accent or my origin, but that never happened. All District staff, without exception, have always have seen me, and continue to treat me, not as a Hispanic, but as their brother in Christ.

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Testimonies from our Hispanic Churches during COVID-19

[fa icon="calendar'] April 16, 2020 / by Edgar Castro posted in CPD Member Highlights, News

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Greetings to the Central Pacific District family!

Today, I want to share with you that we have been praying for all the churches. Not only CMA churches but the churches from all denominations that are seeking more of the presence of God during these times we are living.

This pandemic has caused the temporary closure of the buildings where our CPD Hispanic churches congregate, along with other churches around the world. Nevertheless, the church of our God has never closed, nor will it close.

Why do I say this?

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Missions Vision Trip:  Expanding the Reach of our Hispanic Churches

[fa icon="calendar'] January 6, 2020 / by Edgar Castro posted in Missions

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In November, a group of Hispanic pastors and leaders of the CPD, guided by Tim Agnello, made a visionary trip to the Island of Cuba.

We arrived in the province of Camaguey. Then, we visited several provinces in central Cuba. We had the pleasure of sharing time with the new President of Alliance Cuba, Liusbel Utrera. We were surprised by the love and desire the church in Cuba has to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

On the island, there are no evangelical church buildings, only Catholic. So our Alliance people can only meet in house-churches. These house-churches are also the homes of the pastors that have been adapted into churches. Some pastors have to sleep on the floor because there is limited space for them. It was amazing to see the humble dedication of these families. It is a Cuban law that dictates that the church must be carried out on a residential/house property.

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Making History with Hispanic Church Planting Graduates

[fa icon="calendar'] November 8, 2019 / by Edgar Castro posted in Church Planting

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Church Planting Graduation Finale-video

On Saturday, November 2, a group of 50 people who are part of the Central Pacific District completed a church planting training in the city of Woodland, CA.

For the first time in The Christian and Missionary Alliance’s history, we witness the largest group of Hispanics completing 42 classes over 100 hours of church planting training.

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Women in Ministry: The Deborahs of the CPD

[fa icon="calendar'] October 18, 2019 / by Edgar Castro posted in Leadership, CPD Member Highlights

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God has blessed my life with a beautiful family, and of course, my wife is my greatest treasure. After years of studying with Tozer Seminar, my beloved wife and three other Hispanic women from the Central Pacific District have obtained their CPD license. Now Teresa Barrera, Lilia Ramirez, Cathy Sanchez and Nubia Castro are accredited to work in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Women and Children Ministries.

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Reflections on CPD Hispanic Churches + Retreat 2019 [Video]

[fa icon="calendar'] August 27, 2019 / by Edgar Castro posted in CPD Member Highlights

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Hi everyone! I would like to share a few things with you about our Hispanic Churches and the Hispanic Retreat as well. Enjoy the video of our Hispanic Retreat in July.

Hispanic Church Planting Training

In February of this year, we started a Hispanic Church Planting Training, provided by the Bible League International. This training will be completed on November 3rd and already we are seeing very good results for the Central Pacific District.

Since we start this training total of 9 new leaders are working in 9 different cities with groups of people which are growing every day. We are praying that these 9 new home groups will become 9 new church plants for the Glory of God!

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God Has a New Beginning for You

[fa icon="calendar'] December 31, 2018 / by Edgar Castro posted in Devotional

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The year 2018 is almost over and many of us have had different experiences during the past year, but no matter what your experience was our God can make that experience better. If 2018 was not so good for you, God can make it better; if it was good, God can make it much better! He's the expert on that. I'm sure, for all of us in 2019, God will make a new beginning.

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CPD Hispanic Retreat 2018 [Video]

[fa icon="calendar'] August 13, 2018 / by Edgar Castro posted in CPD Member Highlights

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We had a very blessed CPD Hispanic Retreat over the weekend of July 6-8th, 2018. During this retreat Hispanic Pastors with their church members enjoyed visiting Alliance Redwoods for two nights of complete blessings.

Five people received Jesus on their heart, and more that 400 people came to the camp.

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