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What Can You Do to Protect Your People from a Church Shooting?

[fa icon="calendar'] December 21, 2017 / by Dan Russell posted in Equipping

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Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard about the recent shootings. Schools, concerts, and the church massacre in Texas.

Churches across the nation are asking the question, how do we protect our people, what should we do? Should we form a security team, encourage people to carry concealed weapons, lock our doors and strangers are not welcomed?

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Can Your Church Share Its Kingdom Resources?

[fa icon="calendar'] August 19, 2016 / by Dan Russell posted in Equipping, Leadership

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One would think a large church with multiple Staff Pastors would be a great place to find Pastors who are willing to lead in another church. Last year I read an article that proved this statement to be incorrect.

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10 Tips for Budget Time

[fa icon="calendar'] March 17, 2016 / by Dan Russell posted in Leadership

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At Church of the Foothills we’re in the middle of our budget prep time. It’s interesting how different people react when it comes time to create a budget for their ministry (yes, I know it’s God’s Ministry). There are those who have no problems in creating a budget; there are those who dread working on a budget; and then there are those who believe the sky’s the limit when they prepare their budget.

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The 2 Most Confusing Aspects of Classifying Your Minister for Tax Purposes

[fa icon="calendar'] December 2, 2015 / by Dan Russell posted in Equipping

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When it comes to payroll, does your church get turned around on this critical matter?

By: Elaine L. Sommerville

Unlike any other employee, a minister creates special issues for the payroll functions of a church. These issues aren't intuitive in nature, so it's not uncommon for errors to occur in the payroll reporting of a minister's compensation package. One of the most confusing aspects of a minister's compensation package is how he or she will be classified when paying into the Social Security and Medicare system.

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Fundraising Events: What Is Deductible

[fa icon="calendar'] November 18, 2015 / by Dan Russell

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The rules governing the charitable income tax deduction of donations, ticket sales, and auction purchases at charity events are surprisingly complex. Following are answers to questions often asked by donors and charitable organizations.

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