Are We Creating a Dialogue with Our Children About Sexuality?

[fa icon="calendar"] June 14, 2017 / by Ray Van Gilst

speech bubblesSandy Kang is wife to Ted Kang of San Jose Christian Alliance, and Consecrated worker. From time to time she is one of our blog contributors, and I always greatly appreciate her insights. I trust you will be challenged as I was in reading this on how to handle equipping with our young people when it comes to sexuality in our changing culture.

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The Power of Dialogue

By: Sandy Kang

I am part of a unique church with three language groups, each bound by a particular culture with immigrant parents who spent most of their childhood outside the US. These parents now face a huge cultural, generational, and social challenge in connecting with their children. “How do we equip parents to connect with their children?” This has been a constant hurdle we are faced with. One response we took into action was to hold Family Forums for our children, youth, and parents. We sensed a need to create safe platforms to address current issues our next generation is facing.

Recently, the topic of the forum was “sexuality”.

A panel of educators from the church led the forum. Teachers in the preschool, elementary, and high school age groups each shared how the world is shaping our children’s worldview of sexuality. We presented the idea that all people are born as sexual beings. This was God’s design. We see signs of this as early as an infant growing in his first year, being stimulated by certain bodily touches. While this age group may simply realize and explore their body parts, we see how sexual identity is sadly and destructively shaped without a guided biblical worldview.

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