Encouragement and Updates from your DS on the Coronavirus and CARES Act

Ideas and Resources to Stay Connected during the Stay at Home Season

Pray, Prepare and Plan: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Upper Room Manifesto: Culture of Prayer [Part 12]

Five Upper Room Elements: Culture of Prayer [Part 11]

Let Me Introduce You to Theo: Culture of Prayer [Part 10]

Harvesting: Culture of Prayer [Part 9]

Preparing for Encounter 2020 with Dr. John Stumbo [Video]

Listening Prayer: Culture of Prayer [Part 8]

Missions Vision Trip:  Expanding the Reach of our Hispanic Churches

The Christian Life is a Life Together

Open Heaven: Culture of Prayer [Part 7]

Ministering to God: Culture of Prayer [Part 6]

When God Visits Us: Culture of Prayer [Part 5]

The One Another Project: Reflecting on those who Help us Climb

Missions Update: Guarajio Ministry Praises from Mexico

Making History with Hispanic Church Planting Graduates

Understanding the Distinction in the Presence of God: Culture of Prayer [Part 4]

Success in Prayer: Culture of Prayer [Part 3]

Women in Ministry: The Deborahs of the CPD

Everything I Really Needed to Know I Learned at Camp!

The One Another Project

Prayer is Where the Action Is: Culture of Prayer [Part 2]

Missions Story from the Woven Project

Fired-Up Afresh by President John Stumbo's Latest Video

The Upper Room and the Manifest Presence of Christ: Culture of Prayer [Part 1]

Reflections on CPD Hispanic Churches + Retreat 2019 [Video]

Join Us for Preachers School [Event]

A Glimpse into the Life of A.B. Simpson [Book]

Missions: Mexicali Vision Trip Stories and Testimonials

Can You Really Have the Gift of Leadership?

Pastor Roy Price Answers Questions About Heaven in His New Book

Alliance Redwoods is Reaching Youth in Local Communities

Gospel Freedom

Recommended Reading Topics: Scholarships, Preparation, and Pursuing God

Helping Others Race Up the Hills

Two Words You May Need to Hear Today

Missions Update: Summer 2019

The Gift of Being Able to Listen to God

LEAD with Simpson University

HIS Now and Forever!

RAIN: Refugees and Immigrants Network

I Don’t Want to Need Faith

Welcome Guam to the Central Pacific District!

Alliance News Updates from Cambodia

Mental Health and Spirituality

It is Impossible to Please God (without faith)

Reflecting on Encounter 2019 [Video + Testimony]

Missions Update: Contact with the Guarajios [Video]

Recommended Reading Topics: Deep Faith, Defeating Thoughts & Big Goals

“Come and See…”

Simpson University is Back to Full Accreditation

Hope City Church Plant - Big Wins

Variety is the Spice of (The Spiritual) Life

Member Highlight: Pastor Raed Awabdeh

Keep Your Heart Current

Member Highlight: Pastor Christopher Thao

Hope is Rising: Prayer for Encounter 2019 [Video]

We are Excited for Encounter 2019! [Video]

Knowledge, Seminary Professors and Scrambled Eggs

Missions Update: A 20-Year Dream of Reaching the Guarajio Tribe Comes True

Why Plant Another Church?

Thus Saith the Lord?

God Has a New Beginning for You

I'll Be Home For Christmas: Paradise Alliance Services

All Things New: Thankfulness in the Varied Seasons of Life

Heroes Among Us

Would the Real Prophet Please Stand Up?

The Value of Partnership is Clear [Camp Fire Update]

I Am With You

To Prophesy or Not to Prophesy?

Shifting Perspectives of Gratitude and Grief

Member Highlight: Pastor Josh Gallagher, Paradise Alliance Church

It's Okay to Be in a Season of Grief [Camp Fire Update]

Update: How Our Churches Are Being Impacted by the Camp Fire

4 Reasons to Church Plant

Missions Update: Reaching the Guarajios

God Doesn’t Do That Anymore, Does He?

Member Highlight: Pastor Josh Blair at The Rising, Utah

Remember When

The "I AM" - His Presence in My Inadequacy

Leaving a Discipleship Legacy

Adventures in Mexicali with Neighborhood Church of Chico

People Are Gifts Too: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists and Pastors

Katang Village Mission Update: From This to THIS!

How Our Spiritual Gifts Build Up the Body of Christ

PREACHERS School of Voice, Story & Culture

Do We Have One Spiritual Gift or Many?

To Test or Not to Test What Your Spiritual Gifts Are

Let's Reach an Unengaged Unreached People Group in Central Mexico

Be Vigilant Over Your Mind and Heart

CPD Hispanic Retreat 2018 [Video]

Are the Gifts Really Supernatural?

Member Highlight: Pastor J Spurling

The Corinthian Struggle with Balance

Tattoos on the Soul

Are Spiritual Gifts Really for Today?

Member Highlight: Pastor Jonathan Lau

My Encounter with an Atheist Church Starter

Equipped for Significance

Christ's Great Commission is the Call of The Alliance

Member Highlight: Rev. Gilberto Medina

5 Ways Students Were Impacted by Unplugging at Alliance Redwoods Camp

Member Highlight: Pastor Shawn Van De Mark

How Can You Participate in God’s Fullness?

Seasons of Weakness

10 Ways to Help a Church Plant

Great Commission Day 2018

Member Highlight Video: Thank you for supporting Alliance Redwoods during the Santa Rosa Fires 

Missions: How to Choose a Global Partnership

The "Unpleasant" Truths of Scripture

How are you Handling Troublemakers in your Church?

My Tribute to Billy Graham

The Christlike Creed: What a Disciple Looks Like

Vision Trip Update: It’s About The Kingdom Not The Politics

What C&MA Churches Are Doing to Increase Missions Engagement

Through My Fathers’ Eyes

Mexicali Mission: Paradise Alliance Builds a New Worship Center

Like Moses, Will You Choose Rejection?

She has been there...

Making and Breaking of a Racist

Living Water Preschool Academy and the AALC: For Such a Time As This

What Can You Do to Protect Your People from a Church Shooting?

Missions: Vision Trip Update from Christian Family Tabernacle

Church Highlight: How South Hills Church Community Responded to the Las Vegas Shootings

Missions: Vision Trip Update from The Rising

Are You Living a Life Worth Following?

I (Will) Follow You

Are You Doing Things FOR God or WITH God?

Do You Receive Joy or Groaning from Your Congregation?

Learn How to Do a Better Job of Doing Less at Work

Why It's Important for Pastors to Look to the Horizon

Responding to the Call to Help Kick Off a Soccer Project in Mexicali

Si Se Puede - Yes, We Can!

Fifty Shades of No Way

The Right Sequence to Move Forward With a Firm Planning Foundation

Church Planting Trip to San Francisco - The Divine Spark

Blessing Your Introverted Child

How I Learned About Creativity and Found My Inner Creative

Healers and Hospitals

What I’ve Learned as the Great Commission Women’s Director

Are You Missing What You Should Be Hearing?

The Virtue of Imbalance

Member Highlight: Pastor Jesse Richardson

Mary vs. Martha: Who Are You?

Insights to Help You Tune Out Technology and Turn on Vacation Mode

Member Highlight: Pastor Andrew Burchett

Are We Creating a Dialogue with Our Children About Sexuality?

The Ring on My Heart

Faith, Joy, and Peace Come by Hearing the Word of God

A Prayer by A.W. Tozer: A Reminder of What God Has Called Us To Do

Stepping Aside to Make Room With a Heart Full of Joy

Under Construction: The Work to Be Done in My Home and Heart

Member Highlight: Pastor Edgar Castro

Hearing the Voice of God Brings Relevance and Conviction [Part 21]

A Helpful Prayer for Spiritual Growth

The Role of Change and Transition on the Road to Transformation

How to Discern the Voice of God: Hearing the Voice of God [Part 20]

Video Blogs and Other New Ways of Communicating with the CPD Family

Member Highlight: Pastor Steve Swinburne

3 Tools to Help You Be Attentive: Hearing the Voice of God [Part 19]

How to Develop a Christian Worldview About Investments

Vulnerability: A Key Component of an Emotionally Healthy Leader

Are You Being Attentive to God? Hearing the Voice of God [Part 18]

Hearing God Through Dreams, Trances, Impressions and Natural Events [Part 17]

The Greatest Years of My Life: Pastor Highlight [Interview]

Cross Examination: Jesus is Waiting for You to Ask This Question

Hearing the Voice of God Through Prophecy and Preaching [Part 16]

How to Fight Spiritual Amnesia

What is the difference between a good pastor boss and a bad pastor boss?

Christian Literature: Have We Lost Touch With Wisdom From Our Past?

Healing the Great Division: How to Love Those Who Don’t Think Like Us

What’s Really Needed to Hear the Voice of God? [Part 15]

Suggestions for Strengthening Alliance Global Missions in Your Church

Understanding God’s Vocabulary: Hearing the Voice of God [Part 14]

What Does the Bible Say About Binding and Loosing?

Hearing the Lord Must Be Vital: Hearing the Voice of God [Part 13]

Will the Rewards in Heaven Be Something You Truly Value in Eternity?

How to Be Pure in How We Perceive: Hearing the Voice of God [Part 12]

Tips to Let Go and Let Others Help in Your Ministry

Diamonds in the Rough

The Pure in Heart Will Perceive God and What He’s Saying [Part 11]

Listening One Step at a Time: Hearing the Voice of God [Part 10]

Learning to Listen: Hearing the Voice of God [Part 9]

The Still Small Voice and the Distractions of Life [Part 8]

What Dogs & Trances Have to Do with Hearing the Voice of God [Part 7]

Pay Attention to Coincidence in Listening to God [Part 6]

God Speaks in Various Ways and Man Doesn’t Get It: [Part 5]

The Holy Spirit Speaks: Hearing the Voice of God [Part 4]

Jesus the Word of God: Hearing the Voice of God [Part 3]

Our God Who Speaks to Us: Hearing the Voice of God [Part 2]

God at Work in Cambodia: Our Amazing Opportunity! [Video]

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread: Hearing the Voice of God [Part 1]

Where to Find Courage & Comfort in Perilous Times

Get Involved in Missions to Mexico

The Importance of Children Being A Part of Our Ministry

Can Your Church Share Its Kingdom Resources?

What is the Value of Speaking in Tongues? [Testimonials]

Why Go To Another Country?

What Are Our Missions Initiatives?

C&MA Leaders Respond to the Recent Racism and Violence in Our Country

Why to Risk Being Vulnerable With Others

Noun or Adjective - Which Role Will You Play Today?

The Dilemma of the Bridge by Peter Scazzero

Magnifying God Through Your Worship

It's Not Easy Being a Dad

What Does A Father Do?

Is Having a Logo for Your Church Really Important?

7 Reasons Why We Should Exercise Regularly as Leaders

Discover the Secret to a Healthy Church

How Should Christians Respond to the Transgender Bathroom Issue?

How Do You Pastor People Who Are Trapped in Repetitive Sin?

A Thank You from CMA Partner: HOUSE SF

How Do You View Children in Your Church?

Plan Well: New CA Law Allows Home to Be Payable on Death

Are You Going Along with the Herd and Missing the Greener Pastures?

Do You Use a Door-Opening Decision-Making Process?

The Important Roles the Pastor’s Wife Plays in the Church

Why Church Leaders Should Use Caution When Posting on Social Media

How Fasting is Your Gift to God [Part 4]

Feeling Emotional? Ask God What’s Going on in Your Amygdala

5 Good Reasons to Consider Fasting [Part 3]

3 Key Qualities Church Leaders Should Have To Be Successful Pastors

What is Fasting? [Part 2]

Fasting: An Unpopular Topic With a Biblical Promise [Part 1]

10 Tips for Budget Time

Why Your Church Should Consider Having a Hispanic Ministry

Announcing: Momentum-Life 2016 [Event]

4 Reasons To Become An ALME Church

How to Choose a Global Partnership

5 Character Tests Every Great Leader Passes

The Story That Left Our Hearts in San Francisco

Serving as Spiritual Fathers & Mothers to the Next Generation

Questions to Ask When Trying to Make the Best Choice

Following Jesus on an Unexpected Local Adventure

A Wake-Up Call for Reaching Our World

Why the Phrase "God Will Not Allow More Than You Can Bear" is a Myth

5 Ways to Keep Your Congregation Connected to Global Missions [Part 2]

7 Ways to Be a Community-Building Pastor

A Cool Idea to Keep Your Missions Temperature Hot All Year [Part 1]

To Hire or Not to Hire a Coach? How to Know if You're Ready

3 Stages of Financial Planning for Your Retirement

7 Vital Services Provided By Alliance Missions

What is a Missions Mobilized Church?

The 2 Most Confusing Aspects of Classifying Your Minister for Tax Purposes

When Life’s Weather Changes Grab an Umbrella

4 Questions to Ask to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Team

The Worshipper’s Simple Job Description: What it Means to Be Obedient

Fundraising Events: What Is Deductible

FEAR: The Leader’s Four Letter Word

How to Engage in Global Partnerships

Characteristics of Self-Aware Leaders

Is Your Vision BIG Enough to Scare Great Leaders?