7 Vital Services Provided By Alliance Missions

[fa icon="calendar"] December 11, 2015 / by Tim Agnello

Originally written by: Dr. Bob Fetherlin

large_group_of_people_in_number_7_formFifty years ago loyalty was one of the main reasons why Alliance churches were engaged almost exclusively with Alliance missions. With loyalty waning, there are now many possible partners presenting themselves. A big question is, what value does partnering with the overseas efforts of THE ALLIANCE bring to us as a local church? Or Why Alliance Missions?


These 7 S’s spell out strategic contributions that make a strong case for Alliance missions to be the preferred partner, the partner of choice, for every Alliance church.


Here are 7 vital services International Ministries can provide to the sending of churches of The Christian and Missionary Alliance:


  • Strength and stability – Alliance missions has over 125 years of experience in honing time-tested principles proven to yield lasting kingdom results.


  • Shaping and training – Much is invested to ensure workers sent out by the Alliance are prepared to contribute well to the building of Christ’s Church.


  • Supervision and accountability – Quality leaders are in place to provide these essentials in a spirit of wisdom, courage and grace.


  • Shepherding – Not only is an effort made to prevent casualties, but when there are casualties the Alliance seeks to care well for its people.


  • Strategizing – The objective is to establish through word and deed what will last: deeply committed disciples in multiplying missionary churches.


  • Serving whole life needs – These include medical-dental insurance, quality MK educational opportunities, and a retirement plan.


  • Security management – This is a critical service in our rapidly-changing, turbulent world where dangers can increase quickly.


In providing these services well, International Ministries is a servant of the local church. Synergy grows as the local church and International Ministries, deeply committed to the church’s effective missionary sending, partner together.


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