5 Ways to Keep Your Congregation Connected to Global Missions [Part 2]

[fa icon="calendar"] February 2, 2016 / by Tim Agnello

hands_connectingIt’s so easy these days to regularly provide missions updates to the congregation that are creative, personal and relevant. Creating global partnerships by bringing missions closer to home encourages a more personalized experience. Read Part 1: A Cool Idea to Keep Your Missions Temperature Hot All Year then check out 5 ways to reach people in your congregation.

1.  Missions Moments on Sunday

One of the easiest and most common ways of keeping missions in front of people is to include a regular (at least once a month) missions update during the worship service.   

These updates can be kept relatively short—3 to 5 minutes—and can be strategically placed within the order of worship. This can be done in a variety of ways, from individuals sharing a testimony, reading an International Worker‘s newsletter, or a quick Skype interview with field personnel. Also effective are PowerPoint presentations and videos.

You can also find some great missions videos on YouTube. Use the search window and key-in descriptors (Great Commission, missions videos, unreached people groups, etc.). Since these videos are produced by non-Alliance groups, you’ll need to screen them carefully to ensure that they are in sync with your missions event theme and focus.  

You can also incorporate these into Sunday School classes and Small Group meetings. Try and follow each missions update with a brief prayer about its contents.

2.  Worship Bulletin and Newsletter

Include information about missions and international workers in the worship service bulletin and church newsletter often. If space is an issue, identify International Workers for whom to pray in the coming week.

3.  Your Church's Website

If your church has a website, you can post information about your missions-related ministries and activities, prayer requests, resources, and videos. You can also post links to Alliance-related missions ministries, the websites of International Workers who are connected with the church, and even a link to our District Website. There’s a lot of good missions stuff on our website now. 

Note of Caution: Some Alliance workers serve in creative-access countries (CAC - nations closed to the gospel or requiring special security measures) where it’s difficult and dangerous to be a believer or to do Christian ministry. Please respect the worker’s security guidelines! Never post a CAC worker’s update or information.

4.  The Arts

There are many artistic media and resources available for churches to promote global awareness including music, music videos, movies, drama, painting, photography, dance, banners, poetry, dramatic storytelling, multimedia presentations—even food.  

If artists attend your church, encourage them to use their creative gifts, talents, and abilities to tell God‘s story in missions.

5.  Engage in Missions Education

As critical as it is to foster global awareness among your people, it’s just as important to educate churchgoers about missions throughout the year and train and equip them for ministry. To help individuals serve on mission throughout their lives, provide foundational Bible instruction, basic theology, missions and ministry-skills training.  

Churches committed to equipping their people in a number of settings— worship services, Sunday school classes, one-on-one discipleship opportunities, and small groups—have many resources available to them. These include books, missions-focused curricula, seminars and workshops, training events, conferences, and extensive online resources. 

If you go to the Missions Resources on our website you’ll find an awesome 7-week missions curriculum. 

As always, the CPD is ready to assist you in keeping your Missions Temperature HOT at your church.

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