5 Ways Students Were Impacted by Unplugging at Alliance Redwoods Camp

[fa icon="calendar"] June 6, 2018 / by Ray Van Gilst

alliance redwoods camp

We like to give you updates from our partner ministries. Alliance Redwoods is a beautiful facility in a spectacular area among the redwoods where God has been given space to change many lives.

Earlier this spring, students from St. Bonaventure finished their two-year confirmation program with a retreat at Alliance Redwoods. Their youth leader personally understands the impact of camp having converted as a teenager at Alliance Redwoods. He shared this with us: 

“Our High School retreat at Alliance Redwoods is always transformative. So many teens go from ‘I don't want to be here’ to ‘How do I become a peer leader next year?’ This happens because on the retreat the teens have a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ, made possible by being in an environment of love and beauty.” 

Studies show that kids are impacted 5 different ways by spending time at camp:

  1. They experience the benefit of an inward transformation or renewal which comes from being unplugged.
  2. They get a chance to interact with mentors and spend time in meaningful conversation which can lead to inward reflection.
  3. By putting down the phones, they can engage in recreational activities outdoors.
  4. They're able to connect with each other through the shared experience of camp.
  5. The freedom from their regular routine helps create a temporary community, built on the positive experience of camp, giving kids a chance to shine.

Many of the students expressed how much they weren’t looking forward to coming to the retreat, but by the end of the weekend, they wanted to stay longer!

Just by hearing what the students from St. Bonaventure had to say, it's evident they experienced the power of camp. Some of them wrote how camp impacted them:

“Retreat was unsettling in a good way; where it’s shaking things up. Taking time off unplugged from the grid was amazing.”

 "We were brought to this peaceful forest to have a lot of fun and just relax, relieve our stress, and take time to think about God. It definitely brought me closer to God and helped me understand Him more.”

"It was really fun! I liked being away from our phones. It helped us get closer."

A retreat is a time to reconnect with God apart from the hustle and bustle of every day demands. In the life of a teenager, unplugging from their phones and media is one of the hardest - yet most impactful - things they can do to truly experience God and community.

The mission of Alliance Redwoods is to be “a place of renewal where our guests meet the Creator in his Creation.”

The unique environmental education programs for both public and private schools provide exceptional opportunities for students to study the wonders of nature in our unique natural environment.

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