4 Reasons To Become An ALME Church

[fa icon="calendar"] March 3, 2016 / by Steve Swinburne

Alliance_Licensed_Missionary_ExperienceWhat’s an ALME Church? ALME stands for Alliance Licensed Ministry Experience, formerly known as home assignment. To be an ALME church means that you are privileged to have a person on your staff who is preparing to be an International Worker with the Alliance.


A little over three years ago Price Chapel took a risk and hired Alex and Kat Krum to serve as Associate Pastors while they completed their ALME. All it took was one SKYPE interview for the Governing Board to be confident that God had called the Krum’s both to the Arab world and to Price, UT. Working in a predominately Mormon community has been great preparation for the Krum’s as they anticipate moving to a predominately Muslim country.


Alex will have his ordination completed in a couple months and they are on track to pay off their student debt by next fall. They have just submitted their first application for an open position in an Arab country. The Krum’s goal is to be deployed by the Fall of 2017.


As a church we have the privilege of supporting them, cheering them along and helping them gain the ministry experience that will prepare them to be sent to unreached people groups. Honestly, a lot of people in our church want them to stay, but we know that God has called them and will protect Alex, Kat and their four kids when they head overseas.


Price Chapel has benefited in numerous ways from supporting a young missionary candidate couple. Let me share with you four reasons to hire an ALME person on your staff.


1.  Increased Alliance Missions Giving

Before the Krum’s came to Price Chapel our Alliance missions giving was steadily decreasing every year. Since they have come our missions giving has increased 120% from 2012 to 2015. We are on track to increase our giving even more in 2016 and hit the 10% goal that President Stumbo has challenged us towards. Having an ALME staff person puts a face and a name to the Great Commission Fund!

2.  ReThink Missions Strategy

A person or couple with a calling to International Missions will be able to help your church rethink your missions strategy. They can help breathe fresh air into your old dusty missions conferences. They can help you think beyond going to Mexico to build a home. They can help you rediscover the theology behind why we do missions. The Krum’s have been helping us come up with fresh ideas for doing missions locally, regionally and globally. This has led to local, regional and global partnerships that are allowing a church in a small town in the middle of Utah to have significant impact for the Kingdom.


3.  Develop Missions Leaders

The Krum’s have been leading our Missions Strategy Team. Part of their purpose has been to develop missions leaders who can think and lead passionately. We are seeing leaders developed with a heart for global impact. When new leaders are developed, impact and influence are multiplied.

4.  Future Global Partnerships

Once you send out your ALME worker you now have a built-in global partnership. Not only that, but the partnership is with someone you know, love and believe in! Your church will be motivated and inspired to take their engagement to new heights. At Price Chapel we are excited for the day when we send out the Krum’s and birth a new global partnership from day one of their deployment.


Your church can be involved in missions in more ways than just praying, giving and going on short-term trips. You can be part of shaping and sending the next generation of Alliance workers. You can invest a few years in a young leader who will then be able to invest a few decades reaching the unreached people groups in our world. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?


If you would like more information about what it’s like to become an ALME church please contact me at steve@pricechapel.org.

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