RAIN: Refugees and Immigrants Network

[fa icon="calendar'] May 24, 2019 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions, News

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We have some exciting news! 

There is a new initiative started within the Alliance family called RAIN, which stands for Refugees and Immigrants Network. The Central Pacific District, especially Raed Awabdeh and our Arabic Ministry in Sacramento, is a front runner in getting this off the ground nationally!

Welcoming our Global Neighbors
with the Love of Christ

RAIN has launched with a new website and will be kicking off with a planning meeting at General Council the end of this month. Please go to www.rainalliance.org to find out more!

The Purpose of RAIN is Three-Fold:

  • Welcoming: Alliance churches welcoming our global neighbors with the love and compassion of Christ, as He has welcomed us into His Kingdom, is the heart of this network. 
  • Equipping: Focus is on equipping our Alliance churches in welcoming ministries that are useful for reaching global neighbors within their local communities.
  • Training: Partner with academic organizations to train practitioners worldwide in ministry strategies that address the needs of traumatized refugees and immigrants, and those who serve them.
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I Don’t Want to Need Faith

[fa icon="calendar'] May 15, 2019 / by Ray Van Gilst posted in Gifts of the Spirit

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People who are uncommitted and uninvolved don’t need empowerment because they’re not doing anything. I believe God begins to work through people who surrender their lives as living sacrifices to God and say, “God, take my ability, talent, mouth, eyes, ears and everything I have and use it for you.” He manifests himself through them in a variety of ways, gifting the church.

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Welcome Guam to the Central Pacific District!

[fa icon="calendar'] May 10, 2019 / by Ray Van Gilst posted in CPD Member Highlights, News

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On April 27, 2019 we made history as we welcomed Guam into the Central Pacific District! 

Guam Christian Alliance Church has been working through the process of joining the Alliance for about a year.  A Mandarin speaking Chinese church of about 60, GCAC joins us as the 20th Chinese church in the CPD. 

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Alliance News Updates from Cambodia

[fa icon="calendar'] April 29, 2019 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions

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We have some great new work going on with unreached people groups, unreached villages, and remote areas. Alliance News shared this update from Syna Lao, an Alliance international worker serving in Cambodia a few months back about God's work happening in Anlong Veng province.

It's been so exciting to see several of our CPD churches visit this specific location in the field. Our district has a strong connection with this new ministry and we didn't want you to miss these amazing reports. I will be traveling to Cambodia soon, so check out my prayer request at the bottom of the page.


Alliance News

Church attendance has doubled and even tripled as healings and miracles occur regularly in Cambodian villages.

God is doing something amazing at Srae Nouy Alliance* church! Located in Anlong Veng province, one of Cambodia’s spiritually dark areas, the congregation continues to see miraculous healings and people being set free from evil spirits.

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Mental Health and Spirituality

[fa icon="calendar'] April 26, 2019 / by District Office posted in Guest Post

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Written by: Pastor Mike Schill Psy.D

Recently, I read an excellent article by Michael Gerson who suffers terribly from depression. I would like to combine this article with another article by Dr. Peter Kinderman on, “Why we need to abandon the disease model of mental health care.”

In the first article, Mr. Gerson called his depression “an illness.” Undoubtedly, because this is what his mental health practioners told him. And everything in his journey as he explained so well is very similar with the experiences of many others I have counseled.

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It is Impossible to Please God (without faith)

[fa icon="calendar'] April 17, 2019 / by Ray Van Gilst posted in Gifts of the Spirit

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As we take a look at the serving gifts that act, the first one we’re going to look at is the gift of faith. What is the gift of faith? I’m sure as I ask that question, certain things go through your mind.

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Reflecting on Encounter 2019 [Video + Testimony]

[fa icon="calendar'] April 5, 2019 / by Ray Van Gilst posted in CPD Member Highlights

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As we look back at Encounter 2019, we are again reminded of what a special time together we had at the Central Pacific District. As you watch this highlight video, may you be reminded about what God did at Encounter 2019 in your own heart and be encouraged!

It was a time of reconnecting, reflecting and repenting; a time of mourning with those who lost everything in Paradise, and a time of hearing what the Lord is going to do; a time of pressing into the presence of the holy spirit; a time of prayer, healing, and much, much more...

We wanted to share a few photos, prayers, and testimonies from our precious time together. Check them out below!

If you attended Encounter 2019, we encourage you to share your testimony in the comments below, or email the district office so that we can record and share what the Lord has been doing in and through his people of the Central Pacific District.

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Missions Update: Contact with the Guarajios [Video]

[fa icon="calendar'] April 4, 2019 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions

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I'm super excited to give you an update on our initiative to engage the Guarajio Tribe in the mountains of Mexico. Please watch the video and read the message below from Brenda Granados, one of our leaders from Alliance Mexico, then enjoy the video she sent - We've made contact!!

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Recommended Reading Topics: Deep Faith, Defeating Thoughts & Big Goals

[fa icon="calendar'] April 3, 2019 / by District Office posted in Equipping

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We come across great articles and insights from writers, leaders, pastors and others sharing their passions and perspectives on topics of faith, discipleship, spiritual growth, and much more. Some articles we share regularly on our blog, and many others speak to us in one way or another. Whether it’s a current event, hot topic in the district, or something that relates to a personal season of life, we’d like to share the articles below with you that came across our inboxes during the last few months or so. 

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“Come and See…”

[fa icon="calendar'] March 27, 2019 / by Jim Bailey posted in Guest Post

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At the beginning of the year, I was blessed with the gift of several days to retreat and spend time with God.  During these days I felt the compelling invitation to jump back into the Gospel of John, to read again the great story of Jesus. I must confess that after only a few verses, I got stuck.

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