Let's Reach an Unengaged Unreached People Group in Central Mexico

[fa icon="calendar'] August 20, 2018 / by Ray Van Gilst posted in Missions, Fundraising

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Whenever we come across people groups that are not yet reached, it is a big AHA moment.  And especially when they are so relatively close to home.  After all, Mexico is pretty much in our backyard.  So, my question for you is, "Do you want to be a part of something big?"  Actually, I would challenge you to be a part of something big - like bringing back the King - by engaging an unreached people group with the gospel! 

Read more from our Missions Director Tim Agnello on how you can be a part of this "something big." - Ray

As most of you know, my heart beats for the unreached people groups around the world – and that we, the CPD, would be diligent in bringing the name of Jesus to those who have not yet heard! Well, we have an unprecedented opportunity, as a District, to help pioneer a brand new initiative and engage an Unengaged Unreached People Group (UUPG) in the mountains of Central Mexico.

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Christ's Great Commission is the Call of The Alliance

[fa icon="calendar'] June 14, 2018 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions

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As our Central Pacific District churches are holding their Great Commission Day on a Sunday in May or June, we have an great opportunity to share the message, encourage each other, and give to support Christ's Great Commission.

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Great Commission Day 2018

[fa icon="calendar'] April 24, 2018 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions

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What an amazing family we are a part of - a movement called of God to bring the name of Jesus to the unreached peoples of the world! What a high calling - one that we can only accomplish by working together! I would like to encourage us to lean in to Great Commission Day (info below) and make a statement saying, "We push ahead, we won't shrink back, we send our blessing around the world so that all may hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!" Let's be RIDICULOUSLY GENEROUS!! 

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Missions: How to Choose a Global Partnership

[fa icon="calendar'] March 21, 2018 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions

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Some of our pastors have been asking lately, "How does my church choose a Global Partnership?"  The best approach to finding the right partnership for your church is to start by asking yourself a couple of questions, like:

- Do we know any Alliance workers already that we would like to connect with or support?

- Do we already have a place or region of the world in mind where the Alliance is working that we would like to connect with or go see?

- Do we have a type of ministry or project in mind that our church would like to be a part of overseas?

As your church starts to pray and discuss connecting with our Alliance work globally, these questions will be helpful as you think through what it means to engage in Global Partnerships!

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Vision Trip Update: It’s About The Kingdom Not The Politics

[fa icon="calendar'] February 22, 2018 / by Perikles Alexander posted in Missions

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It’s so exciting to see when an influential leader has an “Ah-ha moment”! As we, the CPD, become more and more aware of the opportunities around the world to bring Gospel access to people who have never heard the name Jesus, my prayer is that we would engage these opportunities head-on with enthusiasm and generosity. I hope you enjoy another “eye-opening” update from our recent Vision Trip to Europe. Happy reading….

To the ends of the earth,

Tim Agnello

The team standing in front of Martin Luther's pulpit in Wittenberg, Germany.
The author of this story, Perry Alexander, is on the far left. 

“It’s About The Kingdom Not The Politics”  

It was an “ah ha” moment.  Who knew that a missions “vision trip” would…quite frankly… give me better “vision”.  I get it now.  Do you?

Like perhaps many of us here in America I was looking at the largest movement of people en masse since World War II from a political standpoint.  I was viewing German leadership’s decision in 2015 to open up their country’s borders to whoever wanted to come in from North Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere as a dangerous and shortsighted decision.  

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What C&MA Churches Are Doing to Increase Missions Engagement

[fa icon="calendar'] February 15, 2018 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions, Equipping

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Here are 7 things that many of our C&MA churches are doing to increase engagement with Alliance missions. 

The Senior Pastor

The senior pastor is ‘leaning in’ to Alliance missions. He is passionate about the church being a Christ Centered, Acts 1:8, Family. He proclaims the global mission of the church and gives opportunities up front to promote and pray for Alliance missions. The senior/lead pastor diligently seeks God along with his leaders to discern where in the world to focus or partner. He is passionate about giving people an opportunity to glorify God and impact the world through the churches mission's ministries.

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Mexicali Mission: Paradise Alliance Builds a New Worship Center

[fa icon="calendar'] January 29, 2018 / by Matt Larson posted in Missions, CPD Member Highlights

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Isn't it a great feeling when you are able to get a WIN-WIN in ministry? 

Well, the CPD along with the Mexicali Base just got a Quadruple WIN! The first win is that our truck made it across the border, bringing the much needed supplies for the new worship center. The second win is that YOU, our prayer warriors, got to see God say YES to your requests! The third win is the ministry that will take place in the hearts of the people of Mexico as they are blessed by the new worship center and the loving service that Gil and his team provide. The fourth win is all the wonderful things that will happen in the hearts of our church people as they bring teams to do ministry in the new worship center. How wonderful to see what God is doing through the CPD!  THANK YOU Paradise Alliance Church for your service to our God and King! - Tim Agnello

"Oh, glorify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together!” Psalm 34:3 

The Full Story- by Matt Larson, Paradise CMA Pastor

Our church has been blessed with an abnormally high number of men who are skilled in the construction trades.  For the last 10 years we have been traveling to Mexico to construct buildings to support our ministry partners.  For the last 7 or 8 years we have focused all of our time building up the base in Mexicali. Through the years we have remodeled the giant clinic building and redone the kitchen.  We have built the director's house and the dorms that hold over 40 people.  We have graded the property and done extensive work to establish an effective septic system.  We built a multi-station dental clinic for dental ministry.  We have been heavily invested in the Mexicali base, which is why we are so thrilled to have Gil and Kim Blanco onsite making that ministry grow and thrive. 

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Living Water Preschool Academy and the AALC: For Such a Time As This

[fa icon="calendar'] January 9, 2018 / by Raed Awabdeh posted in Missions, Fundraising, CPD Member Highlights

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As we listen to Raed and Manar Awabdeh’s story, we cannot help but think of Esther and her story-

For such a time as this

One of the desires we have as Christians is for God to use us, to use our gifts, our talents, and our resources to make an impact for the Kingdom. This was Esther’s desire and, so it is the desire and passion of our brother and sister in Sacramento.

Raed and Manar Awabdeh, leaders of the Arab American Learning Center in the Central Pacific District, are in the midst of “such a time” in our current world events…they clearly have been prepared and placed exactly in the position God has intended. And now events across the world are placing Arab Muslim refugee families right into their midst- their community of Sacramento, CA.

When the Awabdehs first started out in Sacramento there was not one Arabic family in the area. But now, there are over 1,500 families in the immediate area.

With the refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe, they are experiencing the hand of God setting over 12,000 Arab Muslims in Sacramento! Right into the very community Raed and Manar have been pouring into and building bridges for the last 20 years.

The perfect property of 3.38 acres has become available with a school building including all the proper permits ready for them to move in with their already established Arabic American Learning Center! A property like this is not easy to find in a community, and if it is available, it is usually attached to a shopping mall.

Urgent Request with a Mid-January Deadline!

God is giving all of us the opportunity and privilege to join them in such a time as this.  Please watch this video:

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Missions: Vision Trip Update from Christian Family Tabernacle

[fa icon="calendar'] December 19, 2017 / by Augustine DeGuzman posted in Missions

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Here's another Vision Trip snapshot! This one is from Augustine & Geraldine DeGuzman, lead pastor of Christian Family Tabernacle, our Filipino Church in Sacramento. I had the privilege of having them along with me in Europe recently. Wow, what a dynamic couple! I'm sure you'll enjoy the creativity they put in communicating their experience.

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Missions: Vision Trip Update from The Rising

[fa icon="calendar'] December 11, 2017 / by Josh Blair posted in Missions

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I'm excited for you to read the article below written by Josh Blair, Lead Pastor of The Rising in Utah. The CPD is fast becoming a major kingdom-advancing force in many parts of the world. As you read thru this story, be listening for the voice of Jesus saying, "GO!" And if you think it's time for you to see what The Alliance is doing around the world - give me a jingle! Because, as always, I am here to help you GO GLOBAL!

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