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Christ's Great Commission is the Call of The Alliance

[fa icon="calendar'] June 14, 2018 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions

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As our Central Pacific District churches are holding their Great Commission Day on a Sunday in May or June, we have an great opportunity to share the message, encourage each other, and give to support Christ's Great Commission.

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Great Commission Day 2018

[fa icon="calendar'] April 24, 2018 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions

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What an amazing family we are a part of - a movement called of God to bring the name of Jesus to the unreached peoples of the world! What a high calling - one that we can only accomplish by working together! I would like to encourage us to lean in to Great Commission Day (info below) and make a statement saying, "We push ahead, we won't shrink back, we send our blessing around the world so that all may hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!" Let's be RIDICULOUSLY GENEROUS!! 

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Missions: How to Choose a Global Partnership

[fa icon="calendar'] March 21, 2018 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions

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Some of our pastors have been asking lately, "How does my church choose a Global Partnership?"  The best approach to finding the right partnership for your church is to start by asking yourself a couple of questions, like:

- Do we know any Alliance workers already that we would like to connect with or support?

- Do we already have a place or region of the world in mind where the Alliance is working that we would like to connect with or go see?

- Do we have a type of ministry or project in mind that our church would like to be a part of overseas?

As your church starts to pray and discuss connecting with our Alliance work globally, these questions will be helpful as you think through what it means to engage in Global Partnerships!

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What C&MA Churches Are Doing to Increase Missions Engagement

[fa icon="calendar'] February 15, 2018 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions, Equipping

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Here are 7 things that many of our C&MA churches are doing to increase engagement with Alliance missions. 

The Senior Pastor

The senior pastor is ‘leaning in’ to Alliance missions. He is passionate about the church being a Christ Centered, Acts 1:8, Family. He proclaims the global mission of the church and gives opportunities up front to promote and pray for Alliance missions. The senior/lead pastor diligently seeks God along with his leaders to discern where in the world to focus or partner. He is passionate about giving people an opportunity to glorify God and impact the world through the churches mission's ministries.

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Responding to the Call to Help Kick Off a Soccer Project in Mexicali

[fa icon="calendar'] October 10, 2017 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions

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At the Central Pacific District we like to share insightful and inspiring content from our members, friends, and influencers. Please read the story below from Associate Pastor Tim Dunfield of South Hills Church in Henderson, Nevada and their recent mission trip to Mexicali.

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Suggestions for Strengthening Alliance Global Missions in Your Church

[fa icon="calendar'] January 9, 2017 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions, Equipping

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In wanting to always provide fresh resources to our pastors and missions leaders here in the CPD, I am pleased to give you some new tools for promoting Alliance Missions in your churches - all year long!

First, in addition to the many videos provided here, we now have access to many one-minute missions videos of our work around the world. To access these videos click here to see Alliance Snap Shots.

If increased engagement is the goal for Alliance global missions promotion, how do we measure it? The following five elements may be considered as indicators of engagement:

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God at Work in Cambodia: Our Amazing Opportunity! [Video]

[fa icon="calendar'] September 20, 2016 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions, Fundraising

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It has been amazing to see the response to Alliance Global Missions over the past couple of years. In 2016 alone, I have taken over 20 CPD churches on Vision Trips to Mexico, The Middle East and to Cambodia. How wonderful that so many of you are engaging in meaningful ways financially and by sending teams to work alongside our IWs on the field!

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Get Involved in Missions to Mexico

[fa icon="calendar'] August 29, 2016 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions

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Just south of the border is a cross-cultural, missions experience for the churches of the CPD to “get your feet wet” in missions. Over the past few years we have been developing a Ministry Base in Mexicali. We are now extending invitations for senior pastors, youth pastors and church missions leaders/teams to come and see what is happening there.

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What Are Our Missions Initiatives?

[fa icon="calendar'] July 26, 2016 / by Tim Agnello posted in Missions

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District Initiatives are intentional connection points around the world that assist our churches in doing Global Missions

When a people group lacks gospel access, it can be given to them only by someone from the outside of that group. But this kind of “outsider access” is not the end goal. When gospel access is brought by outsiders, the end goal is to see it transition to “insider access.”

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Discover the Secret to a Healthy Church

[fa icon="calendar'] June 3, 2016 / by Tim Agnello posted in Equipping, Leadership

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When I was starting out as a pastor many years ago, I so appreciated the biblical and balanced structure that I learned from the Purpose-Driven Church model. At first I wasn't sure, but the more I studied the Bible to see what God says about the church, the more I was convinced that the 5 Core Values were absolutely right on track.

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